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JUNE 4, 2024 | MUNICH

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Join 250+ global industry experts, founders, executives and investors to grow your network, generate new insights, land learn about fitness and consumer health trends.
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  • 250
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    Early- and later-stage founders
FitTech Summit 2022
Flashback - what to expect
It's time to scale human health #HealthYourself
Scaling human health is more than just a tagline at FitTech Summit; it's a call to action.
Our 2023 theme is ‘Health Yourself’, and we're bringing together the world's top experts in fitness, consumer health, and technology to explore innovative ways to create a healthier, tech-enabled world.
Join us as we assemble at the new frontier and be part of the movement to scale human health.
  • Ria Rustagi
    Co-Founder and CEO Neuphony
    New Delhi, India
  • Sam Decombel
    CEO Fitness Genes
    Oxford, UK
  • Amir Bozorgzadeh
    Co-Founder and CEO Virtuleap
    Barcelona, Spain
  • Vincent Martinez
    Co-Founder and CEO Oxa Life
    Zurich, Switzerland
  • Walter Greenleaf
    Medical VR/AR Expert, Stanford University
    Stanford, USA
  • Daniel Herman
    Founder Bio-Synergy
    London, UK
  • Christin Görlach

    Co-Owner SKILLCOURT,

    Shareholder EGYM

  • Andreas Gall
    Founder Human-Centric-Innovators, former Chief Innovation Officer Red Bull
    Munich, Germany
  • Mohammed Iqbal
    Founder and CEO SweatWorks
    Washington, USA
  • Robert Thielicke
    Unit Director HealthTech PIABO PR
    Berlin, Germany
  • Natalia Karbasova
    Founder & CEO FitTech Club
    Munich, Germany
  • Stefan Jaeger
    Senior Advisor Content Strategy FitTech Club
    Klagenfurt, Austria
Come for the speakers, stay for the network, and leave with
the knowledge and connections you need to succeed in the ever-evolving world of consumer health and fitness technology
When: June 21, 2023 - 7 pm - 10 pm
Location:Die Macherei M2 / NOVENTI - Berg-am-Laim-Straße 105, 81673 München
Get ready to kick off FitTech Summit 2023 with a warm-up party together with 100 fitness and health founders, executives and investors. The party will be set against the breathtaking backdrop of a stunning rooftop location in Munich, co-hosted by the Wort & Bild Publishing House.
Thursday, June 22 2023: Agenda & Speakers
The number of old, obese and mentally and emotionally overburdened people is rising, and healthcare systems are groaning: solutions could lie in wearables, VR glasses, DNA tests or artificial intelligence. How will technologies enable us to increasingly take fitness and health into our own hands?
Brain tech: Who wants to sharpen their brains with VR & EEG?
Brain health tech's shining future is on the horizon, with the global market size expected to grow to $15 billion by 2030. The VR and EEG headbands help consumers, athletes and patients to "upgrade" their brains. On the medical side, ADHD patients improve their concentration after a few sessions in VR, and EEG headbands are recommended as additional therapy for depression. What's next?
10:30-11:00 a.m.
Cognitive training: Gamifying mind-body connection for less stress?
New forms of physical training combine exercises for the eyes, brain and musculoskeletal system in a playful way to help us think faster, recover better and exercise more efficiently. Will mixed training forms cure our aging, physically inactive and stressed society? What data can we collect today to make impact tomorrow? And who would be the major beneficiaries of new mixed types of cognitive and physical training?
11:00-11:30 a.m.
VR/AR in healthcare: How big is the gap between research and reality?
We are living longer, getting more stressed, and becoming increasingly obese. Digital tools can offer a remedy for the broken healthcare systems - but only if they make the leap from the research lab to the big stage of everyday medical practice. In this session, one of the founding fathers of virtual reality from Stanford University will share his first-hand insights into the mental health research and VR - and disclose what it takes to reach broad technology adoption.
10:00-10:30 a.m.
DNA-based advisors: My meal, my workout, my healthcare?
Data-focused personalized products are finally reaching the fitness tech and nutrition worlds - and far beyond. Based on the results of DNA tests, health companies like Fitness Genes and Bio-Synergy provide dietary and exercise advice that ranges from anti-aging to astronaut food. How will the data from our bio-code further change the lifestyle habits of millions?
11:30-12:00 a.m.
Amir Bozorgzadeh
Co-Founder and CEO Virtuleap
Ria Rustagi
Co-Founder and CEO Neuphony
Christin Görlach
Co-Owner SKILLCOURT, Shareholder EGYM
Walter Greenleaf
Medical VR/AR Expert, Stanford University
Daniel Hermann
Founder Bio-Synergy
Sam Decombel
CEO Fitness Genes
PR in German healthcare market: 5 secret ingredients of the pros
Learn the most important PR rules for entering the German healthcare market and not breaking (too many) things along the way. Which target media and audiences should you address? How should your message be crafted? What are the right channels to reach health insurances, doctors or fitness professionals? When is the best time to go public? Attention: Very interactive!
3:00-4:00 p.m.
Building connected fitness hardware: How to choose the right strategy
Connected fitness hardware plays an integral role in the future of fitness technology. This workshop will help you understand how to start or evolve your strategy and answer some crucial questions: Who to hire? What to expect during the development process? When to decide to invest in your own product? And how to plan post launch support of your hardware device?
2:00-3:00 p.m.
Gut-driven fit fiction: Future-casting with the hidden knowledge
In this unique workshop led by the former RedBull CIO, FitTech Club members will get together to create a joint vision of the future of health and fitness. They will develop future scenarios that will be published as a vision white paper in the fall of 2023.
1:00-2:00 p.m.
Mohammed Iqbal
Founder and CEO SweatWorks
Andreas Gall
Founder Human-Centric-Innovators, former Chief Innovation Officer Red Bull
Robert Thielicke
Unit Director HealthTech at PIABO PR
Welcome to the traditional FitTech Award! Watch pre-selected early-stage founders from fitness and consumer health tech fight on stage. The winner will receive a 1-year free FitTech Club membership to expand their network exponentially, a wild card to ISPO Award and the exposure to the health and fitness-focused investor community.
In this cross-fire session, we will ask the jury members of the FitTech Award tough questions to find out about their failures, strength and weaknesses, and ultimately hear their investors' pitches. We'll also learn why a fittech or consumer health founder should chose them among many others.
Investors' hot seat: Why should a startup take your money?
FitTech Award 2023: Who owns the future - and get the Club membership?
4:45-5:00 p.m.
Raising funds has become an overwhelming challenge for startups amid the insecure market environment. How do founders overcome it? How is fundraising evolving as a discipline? And what new paths towards investment are out there? CEO Vincent Martinez recently convinced investors of his hardware startup Oxa Life. And Hana Besbes of Heal Capital calls for a new generation of investors. A conversation about old perspectives and new trends in fundraising.
5:00-6:00 p.m.
Fundraising journeys 2023: A new matchmaking in the making?
4:15-4:45 p.m.
Vincent Martinez
CEO and Co-Founder Oxa Life
Hana Besbes
Investment Manager Heal Capital
Introducing your FitTech Award 2023
jury member lineup
  • Aaron Naisar

    Forbes U30, Chief of Strategy and Portfolio at leAD, Investment Manager at Lake Nona Fund

  • Dr. Susanne Weiss
    Attorney & Partner at Weiss Walter Fischer-Zernin and Business Angel
  • Peter Koop
    Senior Vice President
    Bertelsmann Next - Digital Health
  • Hana Besbes
    Early-Stage HealthTech Investment
    Manager at Heal Capital
  • Malte von Trotha

    Investment Expert & CFO

    at Isartal Ventures

Our typical attendees are global founders, high-level industry executives and investors
Industry insights
Understand how technology will fuel - or disrupt - your business in fitness, health and wellbeing industries
Meet global recognized industry veterans and newcomers in person
Dive into inspiring conversations at the traditional after-party
Peer community
Meet your peers and form new promising partnerships
Pitch competition
Pitch your startup and increase your chances for investment
Attend workshops to learn directly from the experts
Hear directly from our growing FitTech Summit community
  • “My compliments for the event! It was well organized, content was great, energy was amazing, good flow and great group. Well done!”
    Jennifer Halsall-de Wit
    COO, The Women in Fitness Association
  • "Lots of networking and relationship building. It’s an amazing learning curve and even on the train back the networking didn’t stop."
    Marcus Pestell
    Director, Alkaline Wellness Solutions
  • "Amazing event, insightful content, inspiring people!"
    Kerstin Obenauer
    Chief Customer Officer, 4GLOBAL
  • "Networking is key for every successful business.
    I was very happy to be here, meet new people and exchange opinions."
    Marco Pesic
    CEO, FC Bayern Basketball
  • "I have finally found the event about fitness technology
    where I can meet so many other entrepreneurs!"
    Marianna Recchia
    Co-Founder, Tonus Tech
  • "FitTech Summit is one of the best places to meet anyone around the world who is at the forefront of modern fitness."
    Mason Bendewald
    Founder, MEGA MACE The Fitness Production Company
  • "Listening to the collective wisdom of many different actors in a growing ecosystem in a concentrated period of time is very valuable.”
    Paolo Aversa
    Professor of Strategy, Bayes Business School
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The global growth acceleration network for founders, executives and investors in fitness, health, wellbeing and technology.
Wort & Bild publishing house is the leading provider of health media in Germany and investor in the health technology space.
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Member Huddle - August - Europe

September 05 (online): Gain a clear understanding on how to make the most of the FitTech Club, build new connections, strengthen existing ones and explore opportunities to help each other.

Member Huddle - August - US time zone

September 05 (online) : Gain a clear understanding on how to make the most of the FitTech Club, build new connections, strengthen existing ones and explore opportunities to help each other.

FitTech Club: Member Meetup - Munich

September 15 (offline): In a post-pandemic world, online is great, but offline is better! We believe in the power of face-to-face connections and want to provide an opportunity for members to mingle and forge meaningful relationships in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

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