FitTech Deep Dive Series:
Health Rules!

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Speakers at the upcoming Deep Dive:
Health Rules!
Nico Wege
CDO Cardioscan
Berlin, Germany
Dennis Ballwieser
Managing Director
Wort & Bild Verlag
Baierbrunn, Germany

Shiti Rastogi Manghani

London, UK
Simon Sollberger
Co-Founder PEAR Sports
San Francisco, USA
Karl Sterling
CEO Parkinson’s Global Project
Camillus, USA
Natalia Karbasova
Founder & CEO FItTech Company
Munich, Germany
Eric Durak
President & Founder at Medical Health and Fitness (medhealthfit)
Santa Barbara, USA
Jane Smorodinkova
Co-Founder Welltory
San Francisco, USA
Stefan Jäger
Owner & Managing Director Mindwork Media Services
Klagenfurt, Austria
Emma Barry
Chief Creative Soul at Good Soul Hunting
Los Angeles, USA
Andy Hall
Head of Commercial OliveX
Bournemouth, UK
FitTech Summit VI FIBO Edition: High Tech Society - who was takling?
Moritz Kreppel
CEO Urban Sports Club
Berlin, Germany
Dr. Marc Weitl
CEO Cardioscan
Hamburg, Germany
Anna Lisa Martin-Niedecken
CEO & Founder Sphery
Zürich, Switzerland
Pippa Doyle
International Brand and Communications Manager WHOOP
Dublin, Ireland
Erica Perrier
Medical Innovation Leader Perifit
Paris, France
Philipp Rösch-Schlanderer
Founder & CEO EGYM
Munich, Germany
Emilia von Keyserlingk
CEO & Founder Pepper
Munich, Germany
Nerissa Zhang
Founder & CEO The Bright App
San Francisco, USA
Marius Keckeisen
President Blackroll AG
Konstanz, Germany
Dominik Böhler
Professor for Management in Digital Healthcare
Munich, Germany
Frank Ditz
Head of Entertainment, Media & Sports, Meta (Facebook)
Berlin, Germany
Andy Hall
Head of Commercial OliveX
Bournemouth, UK
Laurent Petit
Co-Founder Active Giving
Berlin, Germany
Tanya Parfenyuk
Co-Founder & CEO Zing Coach
Munich, Germany
FitTech Summit V: Tech or Die! (Nov 8-9 2021) – Who was talking?
Nikola Mrvaljevic
Founder & CEO Strive
Bothell, USA
Daniel Sobhani
CEO Freeletics
Munich, Germany
Hélène Guillaume
Founder & CEO WILD.AI
San Francisco, USA
Valerie Bures-Bönström
Founder & CEO VAHA
Berlin, Germany
Markos Kern
Founder & CEO LYMB.IO
Munich, Germany
Christian Øvregaard
Head of Mentra & Head of SATS Home training
Oslo, Norway
Scott Dunlap
CEO Runtastic & VP, Mobile at adidas
Linz, Austria
Melanie Lauer
CEO Trisport AG (Kettler)
Hünenberg, Switzerland
Stefan Tilk
Chief Advisor New Business FitTech Company
Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany
Chris Sharman
Co-Founder, Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer Topodium Group
Southampton, UK
Trupen Modi
Director, Digital Health Transformation Executive Microsoft
Chadds Ford, USA
Amir Bozorgzadeh
Co-Founder & CEO Virtuleap
Lisbon, Portugal
José Luis Cordeiro
Director The Millennium Project
Madrid, Spain
Keith Rumjahn
Co-Founder & CEO OliveX
Hong Kong
Rainer Beck
Director of Sales & Business Symbiont

Bäch, Switzerland

Karina Vazirova
Co-Founder FemTech Lab
London, UK
Jens Strüker
Director Fraunhofer Blockchain Lab
Bayreuth, Germany
Gregory Gettinger
Founder and CEO VR Motion Learning
Vienna, Austria
Jon Gregory
Founder & CEO Vitruvian
Perth, Australia
Alex Zhavoronkov
Founder & CEO Insilico Medicine
Hong Kong
Emma Barry
Chief Creative Soul Good Soul Hunting
Redondo Beach, USA
Natalia Karbasova
Founder & CEO FItTech Company
Munich, Germany
Ben Pember
CEO District Technologies
Jeff Rogers
Global Research Leader - Digital Health IBM
New York, USA
Trent Ward
Co-Founder & CEO FORME
Los Angeles, USA
Roeland Decorte
Founder & CEO Decorte Future Industries Ltd
Cambridge, UK
FitTech Summit IV (May 25-28 2021) – Who was talking?
Will Ahmed
Founder WHOOP
Boston, USA
Anthony Katz
Founder Hyperice
Irvine, USA
Ariel Garten
Founder & Chief Evangelism Officer Muse Band
Toronto, Canada
Sami Asikainen
CEO & Co-Founder Carbon Trainer
New York, USA
Oleg Stavitsky
CEO & Co-Founder Endel
Berlin, Germany
Phil Southerland
CEO & Founder Supersapiens
Atlanta, USA
Andreas Gall
ex. CIO / CTO RedBull
Munich, Germany
Daniel Tal Mor
Founder & CEO Lumen
Tel Aviv, Israel
Grace McNamara
London, UK
Avrum Elmakis
Founder & CEO CLMBR
Denver, USA
Philipp Roesch-Schlanderer
Founder & CEO eGym
Munich, Germany
Jeff Morin
Co-Founder and CEO Liteboxer
Boston, USA
Mohammed Iqbal
Founder & CEO Sweatworks
Washington D.C., USA
Benjamin Roth
Co-founder & CEO Urban Sports Club
Berlin, Germany
Steve Sinclair
SVP of Product and Marketing Mojo Vision
Saratoga, USA
Paolo Aversa
Associate Professor in Strategy and Full Time MBA Director Cass Business School - City, University of London
London, UK
Insights from previous editions
In 2018-2020, over 150 industry leaders and founders from all over the world shared their insights
FitTech Summit: High Tech Society (@FIBO)
#FemTech: Menstrual health tech is increasingly flowing into wristbands, apps, or home mini-labs: startups are thus collecting more and more data on female biology. Is this information helping to reduce healthcare inequities? A talk with Pippa Doyle (WHOOP) & Erica Perrier (Perifit).
FitTech Summit: Tech or Die
What's the future of fitness metaverse - and how can NFTs help more people become more active? Markos Kern (, Keith Rumjahn (Olive X) and Ben Pember (District Technologies) in conversation Natalia Karbasova, Founder FitTech Summit.
Can technology solve public health problems?
Michael Leitner (Virgin Pulse), in conversation with Georg Predel (German Sport University Cologne), and Luise Walter (LUI neurocentric training)
Michael Horvath
Founder of Strava
Michael founded the social app for athletes Strava in 2009 which grew to over 40 million users today. In 2019, Michael share how sweat can solve some of society's biggest problems.
Mike Lee
Founder of MyFitnessPal
The legendary founder Mike Lee sold his app MyFitnessPal to UnderArmour for $475 million in 2015. 2019 he joined us to speak about hottest investment trends and product scaling.
Marco Suvliaakso
Chief Strategy Officer of Polar
In 2018, Marco lead us through a brief history of wearables and told us why actionable data would be the next technological frontier for connected hardware solutions.
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