FitTech Award 2024
Apply for the world's most visionary award for global early-stage startups in fitness & consumer health tech. Pitch at the FitTech Summit in Germany in June 2024. Win a free 1-year membership in the FitTech Club and get introduced to relevant investors.
FitTech Award
Apply for a spot at the FitTech Summit and the opportunity to win the FitTech Award
  • When?
    June 2024.
  • Where?
    At the FitTech Summit 2024 in Germany.
  • How?
    Apply below for a chance to pitch your startup to renowned investors from the health and fitness industry with the chance to win the FitTech Award.
  • What?
    The winner takes it all! Our jury decides on one winner that will receive one free year of a FitTech Club founder membership starting July 1, 2024.

Previous jury members
  • Aaron Naisar
    Forbes U30, Chief of Strategy and Portfolio at leAD, Investment Manager at Lake Nona Fund
  • Dr. Susanne Weiss
    Attorney & Partner at Weiss Walter Fischer-Zernin and Business Angel
  • Peter Koop
    Senior Vice President
    Bertelsmann Next - Digital Health
  • Hana Besbes
    Early-Stage HealthTech Investment
    Manager at Heal Capital
  • Malte von Trotha
    Investment Expert & CFO
    at Isartal Ventures
Previous winners
  • Christian Zwicky
    „Great opportunity presenting DBI’s revolutionary early disease detection solution to a professional & crazy audience…which skyrocketed our motivation and energy to new levels!”
  • Marianna Recchia
    "It has been an electrifying experience to pitch at the last FitTech Summit. Unexpectedly I have been awarded with the FitTech Award and this gave me the amazing opportunity to join the SXSW where I pitched again to a great audience. Thanks FitTech Club!"
  • Ronny Szelinsky
Who can apply?
Early-stage startups with focus on fitness and consumer health technology
  • Topical fit: Your product or service is tech-driven with a strong focus on fitness and/or consumer health.
  • Age: The company was founded 2019 or later.
  • Traction: The product has entered the market at least in closed beta.
  • Availability: At least 1 founder must be available in June 2024 to pitch at the FitTech Summit in-person in Germany.
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